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I LEFT a corporate 9-5 job that drained my soul for about 3 years. It is my goal to keep pursuing poker until I can comfortably support myself playing full-time.

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Friday Cash Brain dump and thoughts (8.26.2016)

Looking to get back on track with volume here in a big way.  I am also doing a recording series for the new poker training company I am currently working with.  The videos will be released when they launch (if the company feels they are acceptable)

Either way I'm going to be focused on improving and helping others tonight.

I will also not let negativity from a fast deterioriating relationship get in the way of my work goals.

There are times when you need to cut cancerous influences from your life and focus on alinging with your core purposes that will allow you to reach the best possible version of your 'ideal self'.

If you can't do that you will never be happy with yourself; so you will be unable to function in any sort of romantic relationship with happiness regardless.  There is no helping the set in stone victim mentality; it will destroy everything around it.  'Misery loves company' 

The signficant other can respect your core purposes or get the fuck out.

I understand there are times when a person has bad horrible choices that have had a ripple effect to this day.  My girl is dealing with these choices.

 Anyway needed a brain dump.  Will fight to be more focused going forward tonight.  Will also update on this reddit channel:



Thursday Cash Session (8.25)

Fighting the good fight here.  Started at 4:30 p.m, but taking a break of sorts.  Will drop in later with at least a concept or rant.


Online Cash Session and Concept (8/23/2016)

Will post my results a the end of the night.  Also will keep a running update here:


Here is a concept I thought of for professional cash grinders and getting the necessary volume in:

Concept: forcing daily action (one table at required start time) to force volume online.

Discipline is something that needs to be earned and re-earned by establishing daily effective habits over a long period of time.

A long time ago discipline was beat into me (mostly by family).  It stayed with me through most of my poker career; but somewhere along the way I lost it.  I now struggle to get it back at times.  But today will be different; there will be forced action going forward. 

My burning desire to be be the best possible version of myself is strong again, but I now find myself needing to use that to force discipline to log enough playing hours in a given week.

Poker is long from the 'magic carpet ride' it was when I started playing.  There needs to be a structure in place or I simply won't get the hours I need in anymore.

This structure is simple:  At the week write down how many hours you need to play as a professional poker player and distribute where you like.  Now go get em right! 

At the beginning of this week I had my hours filled out.  I knew I was supposed to play cash online Tuesday for 5 hours. I knew I had to play today at 5p.m...

This is where I seem to struggle where 2 years ago I wouldn't have...

The next step today should have been FORCING THE MARKED START TIME at 5p.m. I missed the start time, which is inexcusible but I think it's important to enforce daily online start times as a daily effective habit by getting that first table up and running no matter what. 

To do this on Thursday I have a marked start time at 4p.m. I will have ONE TABLE UP AT 4P.M. If I don't want to prepare properly that's on me, but that table needs to go up and force action.

If I do this enough it will become a daily effective habit of forcing action. The act of forcing one table to start is important in itself; it forces the mind into action. I'm experimenting doing this and then doing everything else (that I normally would have done first) the meditation, warm-up, etc, etc ,etc.

Force the action daily.

I need accountability so I will post in the comments here.  Next comment should be Thursday at 4p.m where I GET THE TABLE IN PLAY or face formidable embarassment since I already wrote here that I would play at 4p.m on Thursday and at least get in 6 hours. 


Update: Working for a new poker training company (8.22.16)

Wanted to provide a quick update here:

I know I've been very inactive here for a long time.  That is about to change.  I plan to use this site to update with concepts and upates going forward.  For a long time I was lost to the game; unable to even write or hold a relationship.  I had to let poker consume me for many years.  I was so absorbed I couldn't even keep up with this blog.  

I'm pleased to announce that I'm still playing for 100% of my income and I've improved as a person and player so much during the past half decade+.

I will be the featured pro for this new online poker training company when it launches.  I think it will be a good fit since it's a smaller company and the CEO seemed cool. 

I need to update my links etc.  No idea how blogging even works anymore; man I better get with the times!




MTT Online Concept (small buy ins...)

Just a very quick concept I thought of while playing:

 the smaller buy-in the MTT is online the more you should choose to late reg it. 

A $5 satty  might be very profitable, but you should late reg it an hour in if possible; or show up as 'late as possible'.