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After many years of going to school and saying no to drugs I graduated with a degree!  Little did I know it would lead me to being beaten into the ground at the hands of a soulless corporation.  After 3 years I quit to play poker professionally.  I've now been full-time over 7 years, yet revenge is still in the air.  It's crazy to look back and realize I started this blog as I was simply 'pumping myself up' to quit the real world and go full time.  Now I also do some writing for fun as a 'day job' (some freelance and paid, but an insignificant sum compared to 5/10 live) and airbnb my place when I don't feel like playing as much.


Sunday Funday Thoughts (10/29/2017)

Been an interesting weekend so far. Friday decided to play a session (first in over 2.5 months online). Was fortunate to have a great session and result. Then played Saturday for a small win. Now playing Sunday. Incredibly sick this weekend, but in a way it's cool because I wouldn't have even played poker if that didn't happen. Now I feel like I'm ready to get back into the swing of things with some online low stakes MTTs the next few weeks. Also have the subreddit going, along with youtube (mostly spiritual concepts)

With the boring updates out of the way some poker thoughts on this session so far. 

1) Sick sessions are actually a good opportunity. You know you will be getting your C-game. You can see what you need to work on in that C-game state, you can see what IS in the subconsious and what isn't. You will always have a C-game and this is it. 

2) Low stakes online MTT in N.J. Swapping out the early $20-$30 turbo to super turbos weekly on Sunday going forward.  Exchanging for another $100 buy in regular speed weekly. There are a few good satties online in N.J but most are < $20 and not on WSOP.

3) Using poker as a spiritual tool. MTTs are great because there should be no expectations or desires no matter how low or high you're playing. Anything put up should be considered as good as gone, even the best player in the world is going to lose more than 50% of the time with every buy in put up on an MTT.  It can teach you ACCEPTANCE, which is powerful in itself as a lesson.  Allow the moment ot be as it is.  You don't have to just surrdener to the now, you can make friends with it. 

4) Journal format over on the reddit sub:


Have a wonderful day!



Low Stakes 1st place Run 4 part Series (5/6/2017)

Now posted on youtube in 4 videos:



2017 Update and Giving Out Youtube Sessions (5/3/2017)

It's been MANY MOONS, but did want to put a quick update here.  Life has been absolutely insane during the past year.  Many battles were fought, nonsense went down, crazy relationships went off and on.  A spiritual awakening happened.  Legal issues came up. 

The egoic mind patterns took a massive hit and when I came out of it things were never really the same.  I still play poker for my income, but it's mostly hitting 2/5- 5/10 games live and occasionally mixing in some online play.

Speaking of which: I've decided to release some online sessions on youtube for free.  I record the screen while playing and talk at the same time.  So anyone who stumbles here for whatever reason I welcome you to check that out. 

The youtube channel is really just giving back with my poker knowledge as a gift of love to the world.  I want to focus on small buy in MTTs because this is a format that anyone can get into easily for side income; especially online in N.J

Last Night I did a 3 hours 'low buy in MTT (multi-table tournaments), max return on investment session.  Ended up taking a nice 1st place smash on a $9.50 buy in late reg turbo which bumped the profit to over +230 in 3 hours.  Sessions like these I like for giving out publicly.

Also one thing I defintely want to do is find a few poker blogs who are actually active and link up.  Probably would be a good idea at least 3 times per week.  Either way I hope everyone is fantastic and having a great 2017.  Peace and love to all.


Sunday MTT Journal Format (11/20/2016)

I've been unable to train my cat Nibbles to take his daily offering of Deli-Cat CLOSER to the outside storage closet so he knows where this secret lair is so he won't FREEZE in the winter. 

I only moved the food and drink outside to about 6 feet away, but cats are bizzare.  HE would rather not take the food then move 6 feet closer to eat.  I know this because I spotted him stalking in the woods; got his attention and showed the food.  He ain't dumb; HE just doesn't want to move 6 feet closer.

In honor of Nibbles let's do our best to live up to are human gifts and inch 6 feet closer to achieving the ideal poker player version of ourselves as we fight today...

Live Journal Format Here

Starting the the $200 buy in 50k on WSOP and playing as Defender  


Sunday Funday (11/13/2016)

Kicking off an online MTT session.  

Journal format here.

Sometimes you have to stand up and battle even in the midst of pure chaos.