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I LEFT a corporate 9-5 job that drained my soul for about 3 years. It is my goal to keep pursuing poker until I can comfortably support myself playing full-time.

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Back after a long break (9/24/16)

I have just returned to online after a long break.  If you call a break 'lost in live MTT land'.  Looking to get back in the swing of things this week. 

put a short journal format session up after a quick 6 hour online mtt sesion tonight here.  


Internet Restored (9/20)

Internet has been restored for the good of the universe!


Saturday MTT Session (9/15)

It's been a 3 night break; which feels like 3 light-years. 

My life has never changed so much during 7 days

Yet we are back to senselessly fight.  Will fire up a few MTT's online and keep a running journal here.




Monday Revenge (9/5/16)

Why not?

Was disapointed with my effort last night and wanted to come back again tonight.

Will focus on what I feel are the 'highest ROI' MTTs online in N.J.  Also going to try to satty into the borgata live opening event since I will be playing that this week for $560 anyways (up to 3 bullets).

Overall I'm feeling much better about life.  Things just feel clearer today.  I think it's signs of the last of the parasite that was emotional attachment to the last relationship being pushed the the corners of my subconious and running out of room fast.  

Journal format: 

Log here.



Sunday Funday Under-way

Starting off a long Sunday MTT session here.  Focusing on the MTTS online in NJ that I feel have the highest ROI.  Aiming to do this more to help new people just getting into MTTs. 

Will update some here

Want to focus on improving and helping others improve.