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After many years of going to school and saying no to drugs I graduated with a degree!  Little did I know it would lead me to being beaten into the ground at the hands of a soulless corporation.  After 3 years I quit to play poker professionally.  I've now been full-time over 7 years, yet revenge is still in the air.  It's crazy to look back and realize I started this blog as I was simply 'pumping myself up' to quit the real world and go full time.  Now I also do some writing for fun as a 'day job' (some freelance and paid, but an insignificant sum compared to 5/10 live) and airbnb my place when I don't feel like playing as much.


Sunday Funday (11/6/2016)

Going through warm-ups and firing up an online MTT session very soon.  Looking to follow up on a great session last night.  Will be playing the $200 buy in 50k GTD on WSOP.

The rest of the schedule will be lighter and focused on max ROI.

Will drop in and post running updates when I can HERE



Every Session is a BATTLE (10/27/2016)

Playing tonight with a massive atmospheric head-ache.  Will update when I can on the sub-reddit here:


When I have a session scheduled I like to show up regardless of how I feel.  It's easy to forget how tough it is to play full time when you have to show up and you aren't really feeling great.  It's not like an office job where you can take a 'sick day' or kind of drift off 4 hours and pretend you're working.

Rather every session is an absolute battle whether you like it or not.

In the past I used to hate my life in such scenarios; but now I try to embrace them.

When you aren't feeling well or are even insanely tired (just as bad for your win-rate); you can sometimes use it as an opportunity.   In the deprived state your consious mind can't really be trusted; so you really have to fall back primarily on what is in your subconsious mind.

If you've played over 10,000 hours and over 6 years full time you should absolutely be able to fall back on your subconsious mind for profit.

And either way this is a pefect time to analyze what exactly is in my subconsious mind.  When I'm at my best I can use sessions like this to 'map out' what is in my subconsious (especially with a journal).   You will often find things that 'are not there' that SHOULD BE THERE.   Meaning you need to focus on this leaks more.  For example if I'm not taking extremely light 3-bet spots based on fold equity that are great plays when I'm tired; that means it's not 'automatic for me' and represents a pretty huge leak.  There are many examples like this. 

It's also a great time to not play 4 tables at once; and maybe go with 2 until you are feeling close to A-game; if that happens. 


Live Journal Format (10/23/16)

Back in session here and starting off a new sub-reddit where I house my live journals. 

Painful session so far, but have absolutely improved at least 1% so it's worth it.

I was set back over a week with some serious off the table issues, but I'm hoping the worst is behind me.  Either way I can at least battle tooth and nail to the end.

Here is the journal channel and will be posting here about poker and spirituality in general.  This is a side project for fun until the online training company launches where I will be doing recordings as a featured instructer as long as I get back in poker shape fast!



Back after a long break (9/24/16)

I have just returned to online after a long break.  If you call a break 'lost in live MTT land'.  Looking to get back in the swing of things this week. 

put a short journal format session up after a quick 6 hour online mtt sesion tonight here.  


Internet Restored (9/20)

Internet has been restored for the good of the universe!